Momin Saeed


Founder & Managing Director

Momin Saeed, a Canadian professional, who plays an active role in Islamic finance through his advisory, Abrahamic Finance, not only in Canada but also on the global stage. Momin’s dedication is evident through his Chartered Islamic Finance Professional (CIFP) designation from INCEIF University in Malaysia, as well as his Certified Shariah Advisor and Auditor Designation (CSAA) from AAOIFI in Bahrain. Additionally, Momin is a chartered member of the Chartered Institute of Islamic Finance Professionals (CIIF) in Malaysia, solidifying his position as a respected contributor to the global Islamic finance community. He has been involved with book issuance, given keynotes as well as being the Canadian Country Correspondent for the globally renowned, news and information outlet, Islamic Finance News(akin to the Bloomberg for Islamic finance).

Furthermore, he possesses nearly two decades of invaluable experience in real estate development and investments within the Canadian market (via Royal Canadian Development). He has an MBA from the esteemed Smith School of Business at Queen’s University and a B.Com in Accounting from the University of Alberta.

Momin was former the Executive Director of one of Canada’s leading Muslim Advisory group. He advocated on behalf of the community at all levels of government, providing lectures, giving news interviews, and formulating policies for an inclusive society.

Dr. Ahcene Lahsasna

CPIF, Shariah RFP, Registered Shariah Advisor, Author & Certified Professional Trainer

Executive Advisor

Dr. Ahcene Lahsasna, is a seasoned professional and academic in the world of Islamic Finance. He is a member of the Grand Council of Chartered Islamic Finance Institute (CIIF), a Fellow Member of the Association of Shari’ah Advisors Malaysia (ASAS), and a Fellow at the Malaysian Financial Planning Council (MFPC). Additionally, he serves as the Chairman of the Shari’ah Committee of Standard Chartered Saadiq Bank (Malaysia), Chairman of the Shari’ah Committee of Standard Chartered Saadiq Bank (UAE) and Chairman at Munich Re (Re-takaful – Malaysia).

He serves as the Chief Academic Officer of SALIHIN Academy Malaysia. Previously, he served as an Associate Professor at INCEIF University. Dr. Lahsasna holds a Ph.D. in Islamic Law and Islamic Jurisprudence from IIUM, and another Ph.D. in Economics and Business from the Business School at University Malaya.

Furthermore, he holds several professional certifications including CPIF (Chartered Professional Islamic Finance), RFP (Registered Financial Planner), FAP (FAA Accreditation Panel), and CPT (Certified Professional Trainer) by the FAA. He is also an Accredited and Certified Trainer by CIBAFI (General Council for Islamic Banks and Financial Institutions in Bahrain), as well as a Certified Trainer by MFPC and HRD Corp. With over 30 authored books, Dr. Lahsasna has been honored with the Global Business Leadership Award in 2017, 2019, and in 2022, by the GIFA(Global Islamic Finance) award for Shari’ah Advisory leadership.

Imam Navaid Aziz

Senior Advisor


Imam Navaid Aziz is a distinguished Islamic scholar and community leader originally from Montreal, Quebec. He holds an undergraduate degree in Social Sciences and advanced degrees in Arabic and Islamic Law from the prestigious Islamic University of Madinah. For over a decade, Imam Aziz has served as an Imam at the Islamic Information Society of Calgary, where he has spearheaded educational initiatives and interfaith dialogue to deepen understanding of Islamic teachings.

Since 2015, Imam Aziz has also been actively involved in the Islamic finance sector, consulting on the Shari’ah compliance of various investments and financial contracts. His advisory roles include helping institution’s structure Shari’ah-compliant products and verifying the compliance of these products with Islamic law.

As a seasoned speaker, Imam Aziz has delivered lectures on a wide range of Islamic and intercultural topics across five continents and in over twenty countries, making significant contributions to global Islamic discourse. His educational background in both the social sciences and Islamic jurisprudence, combined with his practical experience in Islamic law and finance, positions him as a prominent figure in Islamic scholarship and community leadership.