We are a boutique Canadian Advisory specializing in Islamic Finance & Ethical Finance.

Providing competent Shariah Compliance services to Individuals, Financial Institutions, Corporations, Not-for-profit Organizations, Professionals (Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, Teachers & more), Government and Academia.

Some Area’s we work on:

~Shariah Compliance Review

~Shariah Compliance Assessment of Contracts

~Shariah Compliant Contractual Structuring

~Investment Reviews (Shariah Compliant assessment of: Investments, Stocks, Capital Markets etc.)

~Educational Seminars for groups and private sessions & More

Contact us: info@AbrahamicFinance.ca



Abrahamic Finance, its associates or any related/associated companies or initiatives do not make any claims of being Legal Practitioners and neither is their any representation made of being Legal Practitioners.  All item are suggestions/advice which are non-binding to client(s)(organizations, individuals, institutions and anything not covered) seeking advice; all due diligence is the responsibility of the client(s) seeking this advice and must speak with their own professional representatives to enact any advice and hold-harmless, Abrahamic Finance, its associates, or any related/associated companies or initiatives. 

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