“Islamic Finance 101 is an excellent primer for anyone who wants to go beyond everyday transactions and how to deal with them Islamicly. Brother Momin is more than qualified, he taught us how to spend and borrow as a Muslim. His education, experience, and zeal for the topic make this seminar a valuable tool for the Student of Knowledge. I would definitely take more of his courses.”

Aziz Daiyoglu

“This Islamic Finance Course was very enlightening, entertaining, and educational. It is a must for anyone wanting to learn more about their obligations when it comes to dealing with their finances in a Shariah Compliant manner as well as the rationale behind it. The instructors were well versed and highly knowledgeable in the material that they presented and I look forward to more advanced courses.”

Mr. Assaf (Investment Advisor)

“This course was something I have been looking for quite sometime. I traveled from Calgary to Edmonton to attend it and was extremely happy that I did. Me and my wife (not finance background) found the material very relevant and definitely benefitted from it. MashaAllah tabarakAllah speaker is very eloquent in speech and kept us engaged throughout the course. My wife and I will definitely be attending the next courses inshaAllah. JazakAllah khair”

Zain Arshad

“The Islamic Finance 101 seminar was a nice investment on the weekend to get the basic knowledge about Islamic Finance. An eye opener for people living in Western part of the world as we are unaware about the growing and emerging markets of the world and their growth where economies are implementing Islamic Finance. Our host was a good speaker with sound knowledge on subject and conducted a very interactive session. I got useful tips to pursue my academic knowledge in this field. I highly recommend this seminar to all those who want to have basic info about what is Islamic Finance or Unconventional banking. Thanks Momin for giving us this opportunity great effort at your end.”

Asif Rehmani, BDC(Business Development Bank of Canada)

“An eye-opening introduction to the applicability and viability Islamic Finance has in today’s economic environment. This is a great course that caters to people of all levels and professional backgrounds. I highly recommend this course as a stepping stone to cleansing your lives of Riba, and investing in Barakah.”

Sabeeh Farooqui, Chartered Accountant

“Momin possesses deep knowledge of the topic and is highly enthusiastic about working together with the community to help them understand the meanings & objectives of Islamic Finance, and to develop practical solutions for them in the long term.”

Asif Aslam, M.Sc., P.Eng

“Thank you Momin with regards to the excellent seminar I attended recently on Ethical Financing. It was very interesting and thought provoking on how to create a much more sustainable way of investing that would reduce the risks of our current economic system. I will definitely be encouraging others to attend future courses.”

Irfaan Siddique

“The course provided a great foundation to understanding fundamental concept of Islamic Financing. I look forward to future classes.”

Amna Shafi • Chartered Accountant

“This course could not have come at a better time. As interest about Islamic Finance grows around the world, it has been growing within the canadian community as well. As a muslim it has provided me with a great starting point in increasing my knowledge, as well as being able to answer very basic questions about Islamic Finance that will no doubt come from my non-muslim co-workers and friends as this topic reaches more demand. Having this knowledge is an asset that will help me stand out in my feild, and provide me an edge toward a growing market.Simply put attending this course is not only good for my deen knowledge, rather a valuable asset that will be helping me in my professional life as well”

Ammar Bin Shahid

“Alhumdulillah, this course really opened my eyes to the wide possibilities that we have with non-interest banking. I never realized that such potential existed, and it really gives us the burning desire to see it come to fruition.”

Faraz Qureshi


“The ideology behind Islamic Banking and the Shariah law incompliance with it, as well as, backed up evidence from the Quran & Sunnah & opinions of the Seliph were clearly conveyed. The entire seminar from top to bottom was eye opening, it dragged me out of the darkness of jahaliah and into hope!”


“Very well done; content is put together and presented eloquently and made it easy to understand. I do not have any financial background but I could still grasp the concepts. Mashallah, keep it up!!”


“One of the few lectures I didn’t sleep in! Mashallah, Well Done!!”


“Jazakallah khayran for coming. Amazing class and I really hope you come back soon.”


“Great job, May Allah (SWT) put barakah in your work and increase your understanding of the subject matter.”